USB Cigarette Lighter

USB Cigarette Lighter in Pakistan

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Product Description

USB Cigarette Lighter in Pakistan

Rechargeable Lighter is a battery fueled and USB rechargeable lighter that creates the same innovation to light as auto cigarette lighters. It is an electronic apparatus so it never needs butane or lighter liquid. Perpetually Lighter’s warming loop will be initiated by Forever Lighter to light cigarettes without the requirement for butane or lighter liquid. It is intended to withstand 100 lights before it should be revived, and after that it surges into a USB port with its inherent USB charger. Everlastingly Lighter uses a rechargeable battery to power itself and the battery is expected to keep going for a considerable length of time. It is additionally worked with a windproof outline. Telebrand Pakistan

What the Infomercial Says

Rechargeable Lighter makes it workable for clients never to need to utilize conventional lighters or be screwed over thanks to a dead lighter until kingdom come. It utilizes the same innovation of auto cigarette lighters, and can withstand even the most astounding winds since it is totally electronic. Perpetually Lighter can last through 100 lights before it needs to energize. It contains an inherent USB connector that can connect to a USB port to energize. Furthermore, Forever Lighter incorporates an implicit scaled down light controlled by LED’s. Telebrand To utilize it, clients simply slide open the top way to uncover and initiate the hot loop, which will then be prepared to light.