Solar Charger in Pakistan

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Product Description

Solar Charger in Pakistan

Utilizing the superior of sun oriented boards, high proficiency, charging quick, life and high. Three high splendor LED the white, little power utilization; Telebrand Pakistan Can give cellular telephones, MP3, MP4 thus on numerous sorts of advanced items charge. More than customary light shine, and range near common light, simple to distinguish the article real nature; Product receive ABS plastic shell, light, solid and sturdy.

Specialized parameters:

1. A sun based fueled electric lamp, Telebrands use switch catch can open/off;

2. With rechargeable battery: lithium battery, can be rehashed use;

3. Sunlight based boards use settled number of year for a long time;

4. The three LED tube, spare power and splendid;

5. Can give cellular telephones and other computerized items charged; Telebrands Pakistan

6. Charging time: 8-10 HRS (solid light)/3 HRS (indoor force: 5 V/300 mA)

7. Item shading: dark orange yellow

Item highlights:

1) natural security: sun oriented, Solar Charger in Pakistan declined to ecological contamination, ensure the earth;

2) vitality sparing: LED lights, spare power vitality sparing;

3) multi-capacity lighting: can utilize when an electric lamp, and a notice when use; Telebrand 

4) security: low voltage power supply framework;

5) compact: little volume, light weight, simple to work;

6) application: material to vehicles, travel, outdoors, mining, calamity help, a wide range of inactive event. Telebrand Products