Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

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Product Description

Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

Ideal for accelerating sustenance prep during the current year’s bubbly devour, Nicer Dicer Plus takes the cutting accommodation of Nicer Dicer and takes it to a radical new level. Bragging a colossal 1,500 ml limit, with Nicer Dicer Plus you can cut in 11 diverse ways. You can cut, dice, cut, julienne, block, wedge, quarter, mesh thus much more.There are 5 cutting edges, each made of ultra-sharp stainless steel. Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan Simply push down the cover and they’ll effortlessly slice through for all intents and purposes any nourishment. Every sharp edge gives you a decision of various cutting sizes: cut into portions of 4 or 8, 3D shape sustenance in 3 unique sizes… There’s even a more prominent and a mandolin slicer, ideal for quickly cutting cucumbers, carrots and potatoes. When you’re set you can serve, or bolt on the stay crisp top and put something aside for some other time. Sustenance prep has never been so straightforward. Telebrand Pakistan

Key Features:

Ultra-sharp stainless steel exactness cutting edges

5 distinct supplements with 11 diverse approaches to cut

Cut into blocks or sticks in 3 distinct sizes

Cuts in 2 distinct thicknesses

Sliced into quarters, eighths and wedges

Durable super-sharp stainless steel edges

Additional sharp grater in addition to mandoline slicer with wellbeing sustenance holder. Telebrands

Material: Please take note of that our compartment is made of brilliant and solid Polystyrene Plastic, which is useful for your wellbeing. If you don’t mind know about different items made of acrylonitrile styrene plastic, which might be unsafe to your wellbeing. Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

1. Cut into strips and solid shapes

2. Cut into cuts

3. For organic products or tomatoes

4. Cut into solid shapes

5. Insurance Holder

6. Squeezing unit

7. Cutting top and cutting base

8. Proficient peeler

9. Cut into shreds

10. Crisper Container (POLYSTYRENE PS) Telebrands Pakistan

Tip: when cutting vast hard vegetables and fruits(such as large potatos and Apples), it is recommanded to utilize blade to cut the objectives into littler pieces before straightforwardly utilizing it with the dicer, this will make your work speedier and easier!Package Includes: Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

1 cutting-top with incorporated pin lattice

1 cutting-base

1 straightforward Container (limit 1,500 ml)

1 Cover for holding a crisp accumulation compartment , Telebrand

A cutting edge get together (6 mm x 6 mm or 12 mm x 12 mm)

A cutting edge get together (6 mm x 36 mm or 18 mm x 18 mm)

1 blade utilized for quarters or eighths

1 plug-cutting punch for eighth

1 section spread for all cutting edge embeds , Telebrand Products

1 proficient peeler

1 English direction Manual.