Mini Firming Roller in Pakistan

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Product Description

Mini Firming Roller in Pakistan

Small scale firming roller massager

Application : body

Material: ABS

Appraised Power : 4.5-9W

Yield : DC 12V , Telebrand Pakistan

Imaginative ergonomic streamline outline, utilize effectively begin.

Taken the light body outline, at whatever time, wherever effectively form Taken the high torque engines, fast pivoting fold, effective, genuinely profound back rub Taken the quiet outline, appreciate zen decompression. Mini Firming Roller in Pakistan

Taken the three gatherings of back rub head, 3-in-1 (extricate, profound back rub, vital oil import push fat) Telebrands

You no time of variable velocity outline, an each control handle

Intended to help cellulite diminishing and also unwinding kneading at home. No compelling reason to pay high cost to magnificence salon. You can do it at whatever time at home, without expense. What you need is only a force attachment. what’s more, these Mini Firming Roller Massager are offered by our industry at most conservative rates. Telebrands Pakistan

Little parallel plates of semi inflexible silicone with a serrated surface. Perfect for disposing of cellulite and limpness, fortifying the arrival course, conditioning muscles, Telebrand  lymphatic seepage, volume decrease, alleviating spinal pains, sciatica and lumbago, unwinding back rub and warming up muscles, hostile to push, Telebrand Products and so forth.