Mimo Head Messager in Pakistan

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Product Description

Mimo Head Messager in Pakistan

 .Style design,modern design,attractive design,small exquisite,and helpful to be taken.and it can be utilized at whatever time and anyplace.  Telebrand Pakistan

2.Freely sliding in the entire body, and discretionarily rubbing any part like back,chest and leg and so forth.

3.helping clients unwind the entire body,ease anxious nerve,and advance blood dissemination. Telebrands

4The moderately aged and the old

5.the individuals who are experiencing Motility muscle strain.

6.weight:0.25kg , Telebrands Pakistan

7.packing box:10*10*10.5cm

Work for the most part for:

1.the individuals who have been utilizing PC for long time

2.the individuals who deal with IT field , Telebrand

3.the individuals who do some high strengh work and should experience the ill effects of working weight

Its vibrating developments advantage blood dissemination and enhances muscles unwinding and ease sensation.

Shading Choice: Blue, Black, White, Purple…

Just 3 batteries to begin and devoured power 1.3VA


1, the massager utilizes 3 AAA batteries. Mimo Head Messager in Pakistan

2, both sitting, standing or resting can be allowed to utilize.

3, battery glue tight after the back rub knead touch the top a portion of his hand touched the force switch engine pivot can be.

4, pushing down marginally when back rub machine back rub to improve endeavors to likewise do a reversal and forward in the back rub region rub.  Telebrand Products

5, body size, simple to convey, is to live, work and learn crucial wellbeing items.

For the group:

understudies, secondary school, middle school understudies so youthful.

PC administrators, bookkeepers, instructors, and different office staff.  Telebrand Products

long haul weariness in a portion of the staff.

Can knead parts: head, neck, shoulders, back, belly, hand, foot, leg, face can be utilized.