Massaging Brush in Pakistan

Massaging Brush in Pakistan

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Product Description

Massaging Brush in Pakistan

Hair Massaging Brush one of a kind vibrating hair brush is battery fueled, and give scalp rub amid a pleasant clean hair.

Telebrand Pakistan Hair Massaging Brush is tender vibrations conveyance mitigating sensation to the scalp and hair follicles.

Rub electric hair brush while shaking and upgrades enhance blood stream and blood course to the scalp, which serves to hair follicles get key supplements.


Utilized for (2) minutes a day to build blood dissemination in the scalp

Mitigates stretch

Used to rub your head, neck and legs and everywhere

Two speed massager, and it fortifies the scalp and enhances blood course

Two decision of back rub power.online shopping in pakistan

Notwithstanding the body and scalp treatment

Board common elastic and nylon abounds for delicate tends

Utilize the back as a back rub for whatever is left of the body

Unwinds sore neck, pressure and alleviate muscle strain

Brush beautician disassembling expansive interconnected

Knead Brush can be utilized on wet and dry hair and adds volume to your hair and lessens hair breakage

Requires 2 AA batteries