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Product Description

Fix it Pro in Pakistan

The progressive fluid clear coat that contains UV hardeners which permit it to fill level and cure. Fix It Pen is the speediest scratch remover that securely repairs scratches from your auto’s completion rapidly and effectively. Fix it and forget about it! The Fix-It Pen is the main scratch repair remover that you will ever need to securely expel scratches, scrapes, and scratches from any auto. Essentially apply the pen specifically to your auto, buff it into the scratch and wipe away. Spare cash and time. No compelling reason to take in your auto into the repair shop each minute your auto gets a scratch. You can do it without anyone else’s help and accomplish an expert look each and every time. Telebrand Pakistan

Fix it Scratch remover is a quick acting auto paint scratch evacuation cream. Fix it Scratch Remover is the ideal cream to expel auto scratches. This auto scratch remover is protected to use on any shading auto. Fix it is perfect for those who’ve dependably pondered precisely how to expel auto dings from their vehicles. Is your auto brimming with scratches and scratches? Attempt fixit and perceive how to repair scratches in auto paint and make them in the same class as new! Telebrands Fix it is a veritable scratch remover that works even on stainless steel! Fix it isn’t just about auto paint scratch evacuation. In the event that you’ve ever thought about how to expel scratches from stainless steel and reestablish it back to its unique state, fix it pro works! Recall that, it’s not just about auto paint scratch expulsion. See with your exceptionally eyes why fixit is an auto scratch remover that works. The tiny cleaning operators found in Fix it Scratch Remover enter profoundly to return paint to its unique sparkle. Quick activity equation with a large number of infinitesimal cleaning operators, which enter the scratch and reestablish the paint of your auto to its unique sparkle. Telebrands Pakistan





Water safe

Chips away at all hues

The most effective method to Use:

Shake fix it!pro tool completely with top on. apply fixit professional in shaded region. Telebrand 

Prepare on a different surface. with tip pointed down,PRESS and RELEASE spring tip on a surface until tip is saturated.Protect tip from daylight! It might take 40 to 50 presses to immerse the tip.

Apply along &into harmed clear coat. work rapidly, Telebrand Products  fix it master cures in direct daylight.