EZ Combs Stretchable Double Combs in pakistan

EZ Combs Stretchable Double Combs in Pakistan

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Product Description

EZ Combs Stretchable Double Combs in Pakistan

EZ-Combs spectacular hairdos in a flash. online shopping in pakistan! EZ Combs works like enchantment to change your hairdo from common to excellent in not more than seconds. EZ Combs cut in hair expansions making haircuts that are proficient and fun look. Hair brush effectively make astounding looking outcome that will awe individuals. Best of all, hair expansions is exceptionally agreeable to wear, you can wear it for quite a long time without recollecting that you need to. The mystery is in double brushes uncommonly outlined with 10 lasting bungees that extend and hold your hair. EZ Combs clips works perfectly on any hair sort … thin, thick wavy or straight. So they look incredible on a short hair!

EZ Combs pins are dazzling molded brushes, which reaches out to the production of many new hairdos brilliant quickly. EZ Combs hair gems work with any length. Thickness or style of hair. You’re certain to get advanced. Look wonderful or proficient that each lady wishes. Hair embellishments is delicate, Comfortable.Telebrand pakistan


* Black Twin Pack, sandalwood, silver or bronze

* Soft and agreeable

* Works on a wide range of hair

* Holds a consistent hair set up

* Design direct incorporates well ordered

* Also accessible in bronze and silver twofold pack