Energy King Massager

Energy King Massager in Pakistan

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Product Description

Energy King Massager in Pakistan

1). Item works:

1.Can enter into profound muscles, give you comfort viable massag

2.Effectively calm muscle soreness, take out weakness, reestablish physical quality

3.Muscles and initiate securities, and enhance blood dissemination

4.Relax after tight parts muscle

6.For every part of the body rub head knead.

7.Large infrared needle therapy treatment.

8.Soft and intense back rub

9.Burning fat, neighborhood diet , Telebrand Pakistan

2). Note:

1 After use and clean before must draw to plug.

2 Not in soggy spots.

3 kids or crippled use, ought to give careful consideration to.

3). Item parameters:

Substantial sharks

External bundle size:43*13*11 cm about

Knead stick length: 38 centimeters about

The aggregate weight: 28 kilograms about

Recurrence: 50-60HZ

Vibration recurrence: least 2600 R.P.M., most astounding 3,200 R.P.M.

Power supply: trade 220V

Power: <28W

4). Others:


CTN MEA: 0.12 cubic meter , Telebrand


Genuine Filming:

Laying your feet on Foot Massagers could help unwinding following a long work day, and this is conceivable on account of the little size which holds them under your feet, while vibrating.

Foot Massager doesn’t come in sets so you would need to purchase two of these to bolster blood flow through your feet. I get it works for swollen or just tire legs and it appears you can utilize them to back rub heels and toes.