Easy Feet Foot Massager

Easy Feet Foot Massager in Pakistan

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Product Description

Easy Feet Foot Massager in Pakistan

Simple Feet Foot Scrubber

Simple Feet is a foot back rub each day with more than 1000 swarms to tenderly back rub and clean the top base of feet. No all the more extending, twisting over or falling in the shower when you was your feet. Telebrand

Simple Feet is incredible for feet of any age. Grown-ups and youngsters alike can profit by cleaner, more beneficial feet. No all the more twisting to clean your feet! Worked in pumice stone! Cleans, sheds and back rubs! More than 1,000 swarms. Suction glass base holds to any floor. Secures to any tub or shower! Smooths heels with pumice stone. Worked in suction mugs to hold it set up. It resembles getting a pedicure regular! Telebrand Pakistan

Simply secure Easy Feet to any smooth shower or tub surface and its inherent suction cushions will hold it set up. Simple feet secures to pretty much any surface.

With more than 1,000 restoring swarms and an inherent pumice stone for drained and unpleasant split heels.