Digital Pen Quran in Pakistan

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Product Description

Digital Pen Quran in Pakistan

The advanced Pen Quran Optical is basically a mouse and pen all wrapped up in one. The qualification with the I-Pen however is the way by which you can make notes wherever on your PC. You can without a lot of an extend switch between mouse mode and Telebrand Pakistan pen mode using a switch on the pen itself.So we should start. Early presentations propose the contraption requires no place for utilize. The maker states it can be used on essentially any surface, however just in the occasion that you’re in any vulnerability they moreover join a tangle for you to use. Telebrands This gadget is ideal for use with a compact PC – in the attempts of saving space and passing on as small round with us as could be normal in light of the current situation you exceed both universes. Correct drawings and making can be refined with the pen, and when you’re set fundamentally flick the switch and start clicking without end as it’s by and by in mouse mode. Telebrands Pakistan

The I-pen considers imagination and suddenness – you can surrender yourself redesigns around your work region beat. No more post it notes littered around the working environment – fundamentally leave yourself a note on the PC! Much the same as scrutinizing a day by day paper or magazine,Telebrand  you can remark on notes around site pages. Rehearsing presentations is straightforward with this pen – no paper notes to occupy you. Essentially compose your talk onto the presentation and erase it once you’ve learned it! Telebrand Products

The I-pen is amazing for scholastics, educators and authorities, allowing you to leave comments on reports or articles so when you come back to it later you’ve not neglected what needs doing. On the off chance that you’re not an academic, Digital Pen Quran In Pakistan a teacher or an official then there’s no convincing motivation to understand left either. The pen offers rational uses for any person who uses a PC. Drawing couldn’t be less complex as a result of the trademark pen and paper feel. Digital Pen Quran

Essentially interface the I-pen to your PC by method for USB and get composed work or delineating. The I-pen is impeccable with Windows working structures from 98 onwards. It is moreover great with Mac working structures. Digital Pen Quran In Pakistan

If you have a million and one things to do then make life less difficult for yourself with the I-Pen.

Quran Read Pen is well known among Muslims concerning listening or presenting or adapting Holy Quran whenever, wherever; with built in speaker and earphones. The most excellent piece of Quran ReadPen convenient is that it begins the Recital from where you need, by mortar the gadget on any Surah/Ayah of the Holy Quran (contained in Gift Packing) Telebrand

Advanced Pen Quran in Pakistan

Digital Pen Quran in Pakistan Product Features

Brilliant plan Opinion the Pen on Ayah/Surah/Word of your incredible (just the Printed Quran included) and begin listning Complete Holy Qur’an in voices of 18 renowned Reciters Tele Brand Beautifull printed Holy Quran (Othmanic Style). Decision to store Qari/Reciter Audio, Dua, Telebrands Pakistan Adhan, Nasheed (File arrange: MP3) as conceivable in the pen by means of USB link, Telebrand Pakistan Also contain Quran Tafseer Clear and boisterous sound with implicit speakers and Headphone Beautiful Pen with beatutifull Gift Packing Comprises Beautiful printed Holy Quran Internal Li-Ion Chargable Battery Sahih Bukhari (Arabic) Book with Audio Multilingual Vocabulary Book with Audio Telebrand

Computerized Pen Quran in Pakistan Product Specifications

4 GB Flash Memory PC association. USB lets the client to associate with the PC Accessible composed, astounding voice TF Card Support Earphone jack, Telebrand shopping Pakistan Interior Li-Ion Rechargeable battery

Extra Books Digital Pen Quran in Pakistan

The pressing accompanies extra new specialy outlined little books. If it’s not too much trouble while requesting reference them so that the books are incldued in the pressing and the gadget is pre-stacked with the connected sound, Telebrand products in Pakistan

Quran Translations





Dari , Telebrands Pakistan















Spanish , Telebrands Pakistan





Computerized Pen Quran in Pakistan Qari Collection , Telebrand

Ali Abdul Rahman Al Huzaifi Abdul Basit ‘Abd us Samad Mishary receptacle Rashid Al Afasy Ahmad Al Ajamy Salaah Al Budair Mohammed Al-Alim Al-Dokhail Sa’ad Al-Ghamdi Mahmoud Al-Hussary Abdullah Awad Al-Juhani Mohamed Siddiq Al-Minshawi Maher Bin Hamad Al-Mueaqly Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais Mohammed Ayoub Barqatullah Saleem Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar Ibrahim Ahmed Mir Mohammadi Salah Bukhatir Telebrand Pakistan

Tafsir Audio Collection

Tafsir Jalalain

Quran Tafsir

Hadith Audio Collection

Sahih Al-Bukhari (Arabic), Telebrand in Pakistan

Other Audio Books

Taleem ul Quran (Urdu) By Farhet Hashmi Taleem ul Quran (Urdu) By Syed Abulala Maududi Talking Dictionary (Multi Languages

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