Bosi Tools Kit 21 Pcs

Bosi Tools Kit 21 Pcs in Pakistan

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Product Description

Bosi Tools Kit 21 Pcs in Pakistan

This Home toolbox has every one of the instruments that you requirement for your day by day tasks. These excellent instruments wear a refined plan and have been particularly made for residential use. Telebrand Pakistan  They are lightweight and simple to store and bear. Besides, can be utilized by every one of the individuals from your family.

A light weight unit which can be utilized by any individual from the family! Telebrands

Model. BS-511021

2Pcs screwdriver 6*38(+-)

2Pcs screwdriver 5*75mm(+-) , Telebrands Pakistan

1Pcs analyzer

1Pcs shacksaw outline

1Pcs 8″ water pump plier

1Pcs 8″ substantial obligation customizable wrench , Telebrand

1Pcs PVC tape

1Pcs 0.25KG Claw hammer with steel handle

1Pcs 3M measuring tape , Bosi Tools Kit 21 Pcs in Pakistan

1Pcs 6″ long nose plier

1Pcs 6″ mix plier

1Pcs hand light

1Pcs utility blade , Telebrand Products

6Pcs sprecision screwdriver.